Byte Patterns

Byte Patterns series is a sequence of binary images that uses reprogrammed bitmaps to uncover a new meaning behind photographs. The series aims to highlight the concept of hidden data present beyond the top layer of visual cognition. An unknown beauty, an essence, an unrepeatable and unique pattern that once brought to light provides clues to the subconscious context of images.

The ‘skeletonization’ of the finished images produces an alphabet of pixel-wide lines that graphicizes and synthesizes the core of the subject. Thus, the works formulate a new data order along with a unique code in a quest to make sense of the array of images which constantly surround us. Searching beyond mere depiction of the visible and finding the meaning of the apparent random data.



Fear No MorePrints on Paper

PortraitsTaping faces

Encoded IconsByte Patterns

Yellow TapeGraphic

UrbanpasteDigital Decollage


Byte PatternsBinary Images