Fear No More

The FEAR NO MORE project delves into the concept of fear and its symbolism. Using a re-interpretation of the anatomical skull alongside one of the most iconic pop culture symbols, the masked superhero, the series explores the process of exorcising fear through irony and sarcasm. Fear and comic relief are brought together in a nuanced dichotomy. By making a mockery of fear, superpowers or smiles can remove its power and overcome it.

The use of stamps is intentional and has a specific significance. Stamps allow infinite reproduction. The symbolical repetition of the same image along with its omnipresence created by countless reproductions IMPRESSES a new meaning of the symbol of fear in one’s mind, modifying the structure of the originally negative element to arouse a positive emotion. It is an exercise in rewriting the subconscious.

Printed by hand, each masked skull is one-of-a-kind - in contrast to the repetitive aspect of the stamping technique. This mirrors the individuality of each person’s fears, which are ultimately as unique as each person’s fingerprints.

FEAR NO MORE features a series of handmade prints on paper. The oversized rubber stamps recreate masked skull superheroes and other characters, from BATMAN, CLOWN, and JOKER to GEISHA, MICKEY MOUSE, and SPIDER MAN. A colorful cast that aims to present the concept of overcoming fear from an unconventional point of view.

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