Urbanpaste is a series of photographs from Berlin, New York, and Pisa, taken as souvenir shots of visual and emotional memories. The series features disordered perceptions of sensory catalysts and emotive sequences, reconstructed yet not arranged in a legible way. Layers of advertising, overcrowded forms, shapes and slogans, colors, faces, bodies, signs, vehicles, and urban profiles mix in a saturated environment that acts as a distracted gaze towards the city. Composed of their own multiplied, shifted and overlapped parts, the décollage-like images remind of Mimmo Rotella's layered and distorted posters.

The gesture of peeling off layers mirrors the effect of the image’s data processing. This technique produces a series of random combinations, loops, flat perspectives, and unexpected textures, all belonging to the original picture. Raw and new visions created by the repetition of freely assembled parts and details, blended in the same footprint of the source image. As a result, the reconstructed picture becomes surreal, even dreamlike. Urbanpaste is an urban landscape that lies far from everyday reality, but is made of real, recognizable components. It’s a transformation of the ordinary into a hypnotic artwork which challenges the viewers’ perception.



Fear No MorePrints on Paper

PortraitsTaping faces

Encoded IconsByte Patterns

Yellow TapeGraphic

UrbanpasteDigital Decollage


Byte PatternsBinary Images