Taping Faces explores the collective and singular aspects of human features through a series of dynamic portraits. The glued vinyl strips applied in repeated gestures and overlapped lines to thicken certain traits helps to both simplify and enhance facial attributes. The resulting artworks present a raw illustration of various characters. Individuals, brought together in a tapestry of humanity.

Reduced to simple lines that remind of primordial art, the images present facets of varied personalities. Accentuated lines which strengthen the characters’ identity capture both universal traits and particular details. Without any artificial embellishments or even shadows, these portraits distill the distinctive features of a person in a naked and raw representation of a human.

Through creating the impression of a real person with organic, fluid lines, each artwork reminds of a scarecrow. Which is, ultimately, the fundamental simulacrum of a human. The result is a series of tactile, bold outlines that reveal as much about each subject as they do about humankind.



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PortraitsTaping faces

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